Maria Boyle

Private commissions are welcomed.


My process has been fine-tuned and is designed to reassure as well as involve you. It should be fun and straightforward, and includes:


- Outlining: initial contact about commission, pricing, deadlines etc.

- Briefing: ideally face to face to really understand your needs, space, colour palette etc

- Designing: creating samples and design boards to discuss with you

- Making: final bespoke piece is completed


Timings and costs are agreed together as part of this process.


For further information please do contact me!




















'Beehive' commission, Herefordshire, 2017


"A very fine original piece, beautifully made. It was designed for (and fits perfectly) its setting." Deb Catesby.








Sketchbook reindeer 3530_2 colour palette board 3539 Beehive 2017 Beehive '17, closeup 72, maria's beehive in situ with shadow