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By mariaboyle, Dec 30 2020 06:02PM

Reflecting on 2020. What a year!

One to forget, but also maybe one to remind ourselves of what is important and what we are grateful for.

Not been very creative in the traditional sense. Needed to do a lot of more distracting things, like knitting, and hand sewing, plus look for work! Tricky being a freelancer and self employed in these times.

Looking forward to a better 2021 for us all; hopefully a healthier, kinder and more creative one! x

By mariaboyle, Nov 22 2020 05:41PM


I am conscious I have not been writing my blog. This year has been too strange and difficult.

Still, hopefully 2021 will be a lot more positive.

Was invited by 'artwrite', a group of visual artists and creative writers to create a new work for their online exhibition. 19 of us took part and created unique works under the title 'Moment'. We all responded by creating something about what we experienced on one specific day, 7th October. We had three weeks to create and then submit our work.

I was rather surprised by my subject matter as I have never been a big fan of lilac colors in my work, but as the suject was inspired by a lady with pruple hair carrying purle asters it was unavoidable!

And here is the artwrite website with all the artists and writers works. Click the link or go to


By mariaboyle, Jan 5 2020 02:22PM

Happy New Year!

It feels like an exciting year, 2020. A new decade with new beginnings and possibilities.

2019 was personally a tough one so I am happy to move forward. Not least because I had to say good bye to my artist studio at ArtistsWorkhouse as it closed on 30th November. Sorry to put my studio contents into storage while I look for a new studio space. Wish me luck in finding somewhere new soon!

Meanwhile, I have extracated some materials so I can continue my creative practice. Out of practicality I will work small, and will make this an opportunity to go back to basics, think about my practice, where I am going with it, and work in my sketchbooks.

Heres to a fab, creative, productive and especially happy 2020!

By mariaboyle, Oct 9 2019 05:33PM

How exciting!

I am one of the Artists in Action at the Knitting and Stitching Show on Sunday 13th October at Alexandra Palace! I will see how the muse takes me, but will probably draw, paint, print and so some needle felting on papers and dyed cloth as samples. I am working on an abstract landscape language and looking forward to a good old play! Just sorting some bits to bring

Do come and say hello if you are at the show that day. Throughout the show there will be three different artists per day.

By mariaboyle, May 2 2019 09:23PM

Been busy means that I have'nt posted in a while, oops! Busy with the Face to Face Penda project launch, launching my colour website,, and general life!

Meanwhile been enjoying working in the garden as well making the most of the lovely Spring weather.

Garden is a bit higgledy piggledy, but loving the vibrant colours it produces.

Happy May Day and May bank holiday!